NASA found water liquid flow on Mars

NASA has confirmed that the discovery of water liquid flow on Mars.  In a continue effort to find life form from Mars.  This discovery has further pushed NASA to near its objective. 

We are also delighted with this new discovery as it added new direction for us in relation to understand stars and also our non going multi dimension research.

A beutiful photo below in courtesy by NASA.


Test result of rocks from Pinnacles

Magnetic Field Meter – Zero Gauss

Radiation Monitor – 0.2 to 0.7 uSv/h

The rocks itself contain mild radiation.  However should be still at safe level.  But we are not aware of its contents that contribute to the reading.

Pinnacles – Calcified root or something

Scientist believed that there are theories like remnant of a root rich layer or a petrified forest.  With an estimated aging of 500,000 years ago since ice age.  Until 6000 years ago only exposed from buried ice age.

Our site visit and study shown the area covered is indeed isolated.   It is strange that not far away is the sea.  With a unique white sand covered an area surrounded by forest and pinnacles.

Our question is why only a section uniquely by its own?   It looks like a place where can generate signals to a destination far away from universe?  Perhaps it can be also a landing area or gateway that can teleport to another destination via multidimension?

We have taken numerous photos for our database.  We have also collected small rocks to study if contain any magnetic or radioactive in our lab.



Mummification a process for human to reach different dimension?

Ancient alien S7 started with a discussion of mummification in human history even the practise until today.  The show has pointed several suspected points include it is potentially a process of human travel to another dimension require a physical body after death.  Also it may be alien inherited approach to preserve DNA for later re-clone of human body when technology allowed.

Great leaders from President Mao of China, Pop John II, Joseph Stalin, Ancient Egyptian kings, Qin Shi Huan that unified China and etc.  We recorded this note as we do believe there is a link to multi dimensions entry during after death.  However we are not sure if re-clone will be able to recall the spiritual of a human or memories back to the physical body.


Practical research in 2015 with field study

In 2015, we will narrow down our research by targeting 3 field trip studies.  Especially historical or religious locations.  We will first start with the equipment on hand to deliver every result of the field study.

1. Introduction of the target
2. Magnetic field reading
3. Radioactive field reading
4. High resolution picture analysis
5. Conclusion

Wormhole potentially at the center of galaxy


Another recent study reviewed that a potential wormhole is at the center of our milky way galaxy. Fuel by dark matter and constructed a space time tunnel that may not be existed naturally.  That’s another continous findings pushing mankind towards a new understanding of multidimension.