Ancient Engineering – Precision machines was there!

Even modern human is not easy or even impossible to build these buildings. Why and how they have been built? All these architectures required precision and as a result of machines.

– Temple of Condor
– Ollantaytambo
– Andes Mountain
– Teotihuacan
– Pyramids Giza
– Pyramids Egypt

20120422-123351 AM.jpg


Are we alone? Billions stars in the universe!

There are billion stars in the universe and human has sent so many satelites, space telescope, transmitters into space. We just do not has anything or no one detect us. Are we in the universe alone? Are we in 4th dimensions that cannot discover anything beyond 5th dimensions? As we stuck in a unique dimensions as a result of multiple universe of string theory? Or indeed the reality is just an illusion?