Dream Intervention Result from last 14 days

I am only able to record dream content from vague to clear for about 10 days. 2 Days successful intervened with re-entering to the dream and change a bit of the result. But among all only one day can be remembered clearly. Most are vague and forgotten.

We will continue to record dream event in case there is a very special dream. So far, as we concluded before and this added result that intervention is possible but not sure what is the implication to extra dimensions.

However, 25% of the content of the dream is not link to daily life. Thus, still yet to confirm it is link to multi dimensions.


1st target of understanding the Universe – Moon

As we always believed that the Universe is created by God.  To understand extra dimenions, we believe having basic knowledge about Universe is important.  Beside, having an opporunity to see the great work from God.  We have started to do mild information serach about how to locate and see the moon.  At this first stage, we read through some information about moon that understand scientists suggested that moon is the result of a collision between a planet and earth.

Indeed, initially may be several moon that travel with the same orbit formed by gravity of Earth.  Due to a few different moons travelling in different speed.  It has formed the size of the moon we see today sometimes even with our naked eye.  Many holes like images are suggested due to the hit of asteroids of many millions years.  (May be even billion)  Scientists also suggested they are ice on Moon that brought to the surface by asteroids as well.

Some others suggested that Moon already has extraterrestrial living very long ago.  Some untold information about Moon from Naza and perhaps most of the developed countries.

It is not our main subject of the research as we are looking into “Extra Dimensions” and its relation to religions.

Is dream link to extra dimensions or just a result of brain bio science?

As mentioned in one fo the previous chapter, i are now looking into angle from science plus some descriptions from religious point of view of dream.  I have also started to record my own dream for 3 weeks.  With 2 weeks on content and 1 week on potential intervention from myself recommended by “knowyourdreams.com”.

I have filtered and found two sources to easy understand the proposed scientific view point of dream.  Also, another blog that researching into dream and its meaning from different view point.  But the later is in-active for sometimes and no one knows the reason.

http://psychology.about.com/od/statesofconsciousness/p/dream-theories.htm – Basic scientific views of dream.

http://www.knowyourdreams.com/home.htm – More detail view of dreams plus religious meaning of dream.

There are many explainations but personally i found that most people support that dream is a brain cells activities during a certain stage of your sleep that performing a deframentation of your brain.  So that your brain storage system becomes more efficient.  But somehow it is just a proposal.

Result of 2 weeks dream records – Estimated around 80-90% is what you have gone through of the days.  To some forms it appeared in the dream of the night.  Not in the same way but is related to a person name, subject.  But scenario mostly different.  It is breaking, not continuous.  But one thing for sure the first minute when you wake up.  I am still able to remember potential 50-60% but once after 10 minutes the memories are slowy fading away.

So i have been using a way of remember the key points and key images in the dream and try to dig out as much as possible.  So far only with summary but not detail.  In 21 days of records, only about 2-3 dreams are more vivid and the content is remembered more.  There is also in a day or two, i completely forgot even i put a note just beside my bed.

The final 10-20% of the content come without any link to daily dream.  Meeting someone and going different places.  But also, like projection of whole image infront of you.  In 21 days i never see myself but i am like a role in the dream.  Only one night that saw multiple me that is working in everywhere.

In summary

1. Very hard to remember the whole dream every night. 1 Minute 50-60% and after 10 minutes 10-20% can be recalled.

2. Daily images and subjectes will be appeared int he dreams 80-90% but may be presented in different ways.

3. Is like projection in front of you.

4. 10-20% are not explanaible at the moment.


I start interventing into the dream from 15th days onwards on now still under a range data and will provide a summary after another 7-14 days of records.  So far, i am able to mildly remind myself when woke up.  Going back and intervene a formula of a calculation.

Electron is without an actual location – Is it crossing different dimensions?

Since the discovery of the electron.  Scientists are struggle to locate the exact location of an eletron.  Until today, there is still no actual or 100% explaination of the reason behind.  Does it crossing to different dimensions?  There is no solid answer to this.  But it has a potential link to String theory.  Again, we have more information that support from science angle that a multi dimensions theory is indeed exist. 

Addition suggestions from scientific point of view on extra dimensions – Proof and why we cannot visualize it.

We found that there are two readings we believe is good to put in as one angle is to explain from maths equation and another one is suggestion why it cannot be visualized.

In summary, our finding till now is still very as below:-

1. In theory, science pointed to extra dimensions are available. (No matter how many)
2. In practicality, we cannot feel nor visualize.
3. Physical evidence is needed and is still under investigation.
4. Detail of each extra dimensions are still suggestion beside our existing 3 dimensions.



We joined SETI Institute from today!

From today onwards, we will support SETI institute to be updated by non profit group to understand the universal better. SETI major objective is to find intelligence in the space.  We hope our self funded research can assist man kind about understanding ourself more.

Update of current milestones

1. We are at the subject of scientific view point of multi dimension – String Theory / Gravity
2. We asked an early question of Yulan festival and why 14th July of the Chinese calender.
3. We started recording my daily dream for a period of time to cross study dream and gateway to extra dimension.

Scientific view point – Is gravity a 5th dimension?

We start our probe into scientific view point and we will go into a few different probe and keep asking questions before we will compare the result with religion view points.  Beside of the summary of all view points we just raised.  For this milestone we looking into “Gravity”.

We have Einstein unfinished theory to explain everythingi in the universe.  Kaluza-Klein theory explain the link with gravitation and electromagnetism.  Modern scientists like Lisa Randall and Sundrum continue exploring into physics point of view that why “Gravity” is so weak in our current dimension.  By using a common example that how a magnet can suck up a pin defying all gravity that pulling away the pin from Earth is unexplained if base on today 3D plus time as 4th dimensions theory.  In a way, it has been suggested that gravity is from other dimenion.  They suggested is the 5th dimension and potential gravity leak to multiple dimensions as much as 11 as according to string, paralell or M-Theory.

A slight turn of view point from religion that people that practise yoga, meditation, sometimes potentially magic.  Of course, there are certainly many of them are tricks.  But they are also part of them are real and unexplained.  If deying gravity on Earth, does it means these people are able to use skill breaking into the 5th dimensions.  Or simply, 5th dimension is just a measurement of availibility of “Gravity”?

From Scientific point of view, “Gravity” play a role in the multi-dimensions theory.  The point is not how can they prove that there is an existence and the relation of gravity to which dimension.