The continuous of finding on multi dimensions – Unification of all theories

From Higgs Bosan discovery that able to understand the force hidden to us but sustain electrons surrounding atoms and contains nucleon and other sub particles. Human continue to find a unification theory that able to explain all these forces and the reason why some of these particles are not seen by us. As of potential it is hidden in different dimensions that contains current dimensions’ atom to be in ordered.



Is massive black hole in Milky Way a gateway?

Solar system travelled at 220KM/s. We are 28,000 light years away. When gravity pulling Earth traveling around the sun. Where space is not linear as explained by Einstein. That is why the force keep Earth rotating surrounding Sun. Black hole is 4 millions times mass bigger than sun. That’s explained why potentially Solar system surrounding the center of the Milky Way. Why things are suck into black hole even light are not able to escape? Is black hole a gateway to multi dimension? The dark energy?