Spell a form of method to unlock extra dimensions?


From East to West, man kind from different religious, races and countries flooded with People that claimed using Spell to cure, hurt or create special effect which cannot be done by normal human. Will it be a way that inherited generation after generation to unlock extra dimensions? Borrowing non current dimension’s energy to this world. When I was young, I experienced so called Ghost on my body. But good spell helped me to expel the ghost. That it can help me to cure a pain that no Western doctor is able to help me that time.

Again, I have to re-I forced that God Yaweh and Jesus are above all. And I always believe that in this world there is always one God but only god for all religious.


Deja Vu – interactions of multi dimensions?


As many of one third of population has experienced Deja Vu according to studies. Till date, many theories on this study but still many answers awaiting. Closest scientist believed that it is nothing caused by our brain storing short term memory at the wrong place. Means at the long term memory storage. That caused we feel that it is like sometimes and somehow we experienced the current situation.

Einstein also suggested that multi dimensions are not interactive by theory. But what if there is something’s we missed out? Indeed Deja Vu is flash between dimension? If gravity is suggested a leak from other dimensions, it will remain as good question that we continue to ask the link in between. Eventually, potential ways to unlock into other dimensions.