We have a clear view of Jupiter and its moons



The same position that i got the first view of moon replaced with another good surprise.  Initially, i thought it is a satellite that it is not blinking much. I setup my 70MM again amd saw a planet like object.  I switch on my Google sky and indeed found that is Jupiter!

A clear view but thr object is small that Jupiter has a character of 2 grey lines on it dividing the top and the bottom.  I saw also 4 bright stars lining up with Jupiter and eventually found that is its moon.

Picture taken is not clear.  But if you do not enlarge it, you may can still see the vague grey lines on jupiter.

Also, signalling i may require to upgrade my telescope if my research on Multi dimensions and multiverse is still long way to go.

Notes of this finding:

1. Jupiter has 2 clear grey lines on it.
2. The Universal is very dark indeed.
3. Sometimes rather then to believe we are living in a fake world.

PS: Glad that i am able to see it with my sleepless son.  


First view of moon


After months of waiting due to raining season, i am in luck today that i can view the full month with my 70mm telescope with 10mm view point.  It is beutiful.

I have make some notes during the view:

1. It is pretty bright and if you view too long will cause eye very uncomfortable.

2. Grey, black and white colours are main colours of moon.

3. Two big white dots with white flares like little sun.

4. Many small white dots that very bright may due to its better reflective surface of sun light.

5. Darker areas may be are the little moutains on moon.

6. The universe is indeed very dark.

7. No uncommon UFO detected.

8. Will try to catch the view again tonight and confirm if it is always one surface facing Earth.

Christianity and multi dimensions


Today is Christmas. A day to remember the born of Jesus, eventhough Jesus is not born on 25/12 as according to some scholars. But it is a day to remember God Yaweh sent his only son to us. Experienced death and take away sins from us.   Hereby i wish you all Merry Christmas and have a blessed season.

In bible, if you have gone through it and you will find many scenes that linked to multi dimensions. The single one most critical believe is that Jesus has passed away and resurrected on the 3rd day.  One day, he will be back and judge the world and becomes the king on Earth.

The living and the death will be judged. Christian believed that the death will temporary reside at a place before the king is back. Eventually leading those believed and practised Christianity to eternal life.  A strong evidence that the exitence of multi dimensions even Christian will call it other terminology.

Time travel linked to multi dimensions


August 1981, a British ship disappeared with 6 people reappeared after 8 years.  In 1954, a gas flying balloon disappeared during a competition from Caribbean. In 1990 the ballon reappeared and the riders only thought is a while but it is after 36 years.

Could it be possible because some factors they have been transformed into other dimensions and transport back sometimes later.  The knowledge can be immense but it does create more angles for thinking possibilities.

Unusual packed activities after Japan 7.3 Earthquake


Since 7.3 Earthquake hit East coast of Japan Honshu.  There have been more then 20 Earthquake measuring above 5.0 across the Asia plate.  I have done a filter for those only 5.5 and it should 6 Earthquake in total at different locations but all linked to Pacific plates.  Hope the activities will slow down to avoid a major quake.

Third eye & Muiti-Dimensions

From young until today, i have met many friends that have this capability to see spiritual not from this world.  Beside In certain show that they even can describe the same image as two persons got third eye as validation.

In the eye of many people or even main stream science today.  Third eye is may be a person may have be kind of health disorder but it is not proven. But yet, they are many cases of these people able to see this kind of spritual images commonly.

Are they nothing but they are just energy from other dimensions. They are the result of after life? Or it is just another living kind but we are able to sense it via weak gravity?