Ezekiel – the prove of existence of god that atheism will call it Alien

Reading through the old testimony of Ezekiel. The first 3 chapters are well description of God. There is possibility that they are UFO defined by scientist or Atheist that anything flying at sky but human does not know what it is called “UFO”. Anything living objects from space that human does not know is also called “Alien”.

Ezekiel may be lying, or he definitely seen god or he seen Alien. The chances of he seen something and written on the book of Ezekiel has 66.6% chance. If scientists does not has the enough evidence to proof the existence of 5th dimensions, Aliens and UFO. The word “God” is definitely exist. Because even Einstein believed natural God but though he does not believe in personal God.

We are talking about the same thing. There is definitely a God above all.


Nazca, Peru

Diagram and landscape viewable from Sky like ancient station for unknown plus huge unexplained diagrams included animal. Only able to see from air.

Roswell – another unconvinced explained case

Early July, 1947 – an UFO crash has first confirmed by US army but eventually denied it is nothing but a weather ballon. In 1978, the claimed by the investigator said the government has covered up not until 1994 the government only confirmed is a top secret project – air ballon used to monitor USSR potential missile attack.

2nd crashed that reported 150 miles from Roswell, Plains of San Augustm. This crash is one week after the original crash and is not investigated or reported to the military. Witness claimed seen Alien dead bodies of the crash site. We record down all these cases from UFO hunters documentary for future reference of cases that am be required.