Participated SETI@Home screensaver


Downloaded and joined Seti@Home screen saver. Amazing idea on distributing computing to assist man kind in looking for Life outside of Earth. Amount of data received by SETI to process and analyze daily are too much . To have computing power to do the job will be extremely expensive especially SETI is not receiving any funds from government. While your computer is idle, your CPU is doing nothing. This idea connects all idle computers in the world and help SETI process all these data. We are now running it and see if there is any risk. But I think is a good idea.


Astral Projection link with Multi-Dimension


I have a few experience from young till now. One of the clear memory is when I rent a room while I just started work in KL. In that particular scenario I am not how and why it happen. May be I was too tired after a marathon work schedule.

I remembered I feel like want to go to toilet. So I woke up, switch on the light and walking towards toilet. All of a sudden, I only aware that I am still lying down on the bed. I wake up again and again the same scene and action have been repeated for many times. I start to feel a bit scary and weird. But the scene is vivid and I was conscious at that time.

When I come to the subject of Astral Projection. Many referred to OBE means Out Of Body experience. I only recall that this is something I have experienced before. I am still studying if there is link of Soul to multi dimension . Possibly Astral Projection that some refer to how you practice to push oneself out but leaving the physical body may be a way that to unlock traveling to multi densions.

Site explore research plan

Besides of our three main subjects to be continued, we are planning a more practical site visit plan in the coming years. Starting this year, we will plan a research trip to a place that may can assist us in the research of multi dimensions. One foreign trip and one local trip as site visit research if can give us idea relating to our key areas.

Findings on 2012 and subject on 2013

1. Religious and Scientific view of Multi-dimensions

After some studies into this area, we can summarise our initial findings that both religion and science are in view that Multi-dimensions are exist. But the fact is until today, no one is able to unlock into extra dimenions.  LHC detected Higsg Bosan is a milestones of man kind theory to understand “Everything” better.

2. Ways to unlock multi dimensions

Not started and require more indepth understanding.

3. Understanding Universe

We are still at understanding moon stage as it is not easy to get more clear view daily.  Our objective is to have own experience in Universe and if there is a small milestone for us to link it with multiverse if any.

In 2013, we will continue with the same subjects but may focus more into the ways to unlock multi dimensions.  Our point will be more from aventure base rather than religious or scientic base.  Hope we will have a more fruitful year in 2013 for our research.