Scientific view point – Is gravity a 5th dimension?

We start our probe into scientific view point and we will go into a few different probe and keep asking questions before we will compare the result with religion view points.  Beside of the summary of all view points we just raised.  For this milestone we looking into “Gravity”.

We have Einstein unfinished theory to explain everythingi in the universe.  Kaluza-Klein theory explain the link with gravitation and electromagnetism.  Modern scientists like Lisa Randall and Sundrum continue exploring into physics point of view that why “Gravity” is so weak in our current dimension.  By using a common example that how a magnet can suck up a pin defying all gravity that pulling away the pin from Earth is unexplained if base on today 3D plus time as 4th dimensions theory.  In a way, it has been suggested that gravity is from other dimenion.  They suggested is the 5th dimension and potential gravity leak to multiple dimensions as much as 11 as according to string, paralell or M-Theory.

A slight turn of view point from religion that people that practise yoga, meditation, sometimes potentially magic.  Of course, there are certainly many of them are tricks.  But they are also part of them are real and unexplained.  If deying gravity on Earth, does it means these people are able to use skill breaking into the 5th dimensions.  Or simply, 5th dimension is just a measurement of availibility of “Gravity”?

From Scientific point of view, “Gravity” play a role in the multi-dimensions theory.  The point is not how can they prove that there is an existence and the relation of gravity to which dimension.


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