1st target of understanding the Universe – Moon

As we always believed that the Universe is created by God.  To understand extra dimenions, we believe having basic knowledge about Universe is important.  Beside, having an opporunity to see the great work from God.  We have started to do mild information serach about how to locate and see the moon.  At this first stage, we read through some information about moon that understand scientists suggested that moon is the result of a collision between a planet and earth.

Indeed, initially may be several moon that travel with the same orbit formed by gravity of Earth.  Due to a few different moons travelling in different speed.  It has formed the size of the moon we see today sometimes even with our naked eye.  Many holes like images are suggested due to the hit of asteroids of many millions years.  (May be even billion)  Scientists also suggested they are ice on Moon that brought to the surface by asteroids as well.

Some others suggested that Moon already has extraterrestrial living very long ago.  Some untold information about Moon from Naza and perhaps most of the developed countries.

It is not our main subject of the research as we are looking into “Extra Dimensions” and its relation to religions.


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