Buddhism and rebirth in 6 dimensions


Buddhism that has been a major religion in the world originated from India and eventually influenced whole Asia believed in Samsara, Karma and Rebirth.  Samsara is “the cycle of birth and death”.  “Karma” is the forces that drives Samsara the cycle of suffering and rebirth for each being.  “Rebirth”  taken place of one of the six realms and further divided into 31 planes of existence.

Six (6) realms referred to 1 Devas (Where for  Gods and Angels) 2 Asuras (Lowly deities, demons, anti gods, titans) 3 Human 4 Animals (space with human but other type of life) 5 Preta (sharing with human space but invisible to most people)  and finally 6 Naraka beings (Hells)

Buddhism believed that the major 6 dimensions separated everything on earth. Commonly shared the view of God, human and ghost or spiritual being that occupied different space where invisible to human.


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