Bermuda Triangle – A door to multi verse or just bad weather?


In many hundreds years, life lost more than thousands and still counting. Almost every month until today there is a plane or a ship will disappear without any reason.  The mystery part is most are not fast enough to even issue a distress signal.  A French 747 is one of the major disaster happened near this area in recent years.

Some survival or may be not even enter into the real problems area stated strange lights and storms come from no where. Scientists until today still doing dozen experiments to find out the root caused.  All are possible except until today no one can give a solid evidence why is like this.

It is also linked to many theory that it belongs to a gateway to other dimension.  It is a Alien distance travel gate or it is a time travel gate.  Perhaps, it is one of the key area we may can further explore in the future. 


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