Astral Projection link with Multi-Dimension


I have a few experience from young till now. One of the clear memory is when I rent a room while I just started work in KL. In that particular scenario I am not how and why it happen. May be I was too tired after a marathon work schedule.

I remembered I feel like want to go to toilet. So I woke up, switch on the light and walking towards toilet. All of a sudden, I only aware that I am still lying down on the bed. I wake up again and again the same scene and action have been repeated for many times. I start to feel a bit scary and weird. But the scene is vivid and I was conscious at that time.

When I come to the subject of Astral Projection. Many referred to OBE means Out Of Body experience. I only recall that this is something I have experienced before. I am still studying if there is link of Soul to multi dimension . Possibly Astral Projection that some refer to how you practice to push oneself out but leaving the physical body may be a way that to unlock traveling to multi densions.


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