Crop Circles mysterious


Crop circles shown up more than 100 a year worldwide. Some are hoax and some are mysterious. Till now no one can explain some of the precision of the circles appeared in large scales everywhere. Some are man made and some no findings on it. Or indeed it is a message from different dimensions or aliens?

Majority in UK like Wiltshire where half of the crop circles in the world are shown up every year. Which is also the place where Stonehenge located.

Findings continue even examine the crop plants and found that those unexplained crop circles are with symptom of burning at the bending area where it is from inside put. Believe to cause by unknown energy with no successful man made replication till far.


Researches of crop cycles even share lights are seen during at night before crop circles are made. One of the researcher name Steven Alexandra even recorded an object that moving in the farm in light ball form and eventually disappeared in the sky.

Some opposite thinking person said human is stubborn that even many evidence of hoax but still believing in mysterious of crop cycles. But I am at the mysterious believer as even there is no evidence that all crop cycles are man made. Religion is believe and science is assume and investigate for a result.

As of now, i still a firm believe of existence of multi dimension that human living in a world that consist of one God. Of course they are many things also across different dimensions but we just can’t see them. Earth, Universe, UFO, Particles & etc.


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