Tracing Acupuncture invention…


When i was watching Ancient alien series 5.  One of this week episode prompted me further findings of its invention.  Tracing back to Shennong and Huangdi back to around 5000 years ago.

Some credited to Shennong and some to Huangdi.  Perhaps more discovery point to 黄帝内经.  A medical book created by Huangdi.  Amazingly during that time, how could Huangdi without CT or MRI scanners of today technology.  But Huangdi is able to draw out points of blood stream passing around our body so accurately.

I may not agreed that it is from extraterrestrials.  But can they be from other dimensions that coming to instill knowledge to help us with a purpose.  Or it is just a brilliant individual that dedicated to man kind. 

Just like Einstein and his knowledge in E=mc2.  How can a human without travelling to space but able to create this significant formula even today Higgs Boson further proved the theory correctness.


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