Sandy Island disappeared into Multi Dimension?

In the Pacific Ocean once has an island called Sandy Island. In 2012 when a group of research reached there found the island missing. The island which is 15 miles long and 3 miles wide. Researcher indeed going down as deep as 4600 meters but found no evidence even a sunken trace.

Since 18 centuries when first eye witness Captain Cook has cleared stated the existence of the island. Even modern satellite has once detected the existence of the island with temperature in this location. It has been on Earth for 230 years and now disappeared. Could it due to geology reasons? Extra terrestrial or perhaps Multi dimensions? Can the island disappeared or re-appeared again?

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Teleportation – A method that can transfer object via different dimensions?

Ancient Alien 5 Episode 62 suggested a few examples. Zhang Guo Lao – one of the Chinese Taoism’s 8 immortals has witnessed by many of his magic. One of the key magical thing recorded is his transport – a white mule. It can be folded at night while rest and expanded in the morning with some waters. It can goes hundred of miles a day without stopping. He can also be invisible with his magic. A surprise finding from Wiki that he is actually a grand minister to Emperor Yao. The Emperor faced the big flood with 8 immortals some believed to be the 8 persons on Noah’s boat.

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Buddha in another case one day trying to cross Ganges river. He is able to stretch his hand and suddenly appeared to the other side of the river. The incident is widely witnessed by many of his followers.

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Perhaps all these are cases that linked to extra dimensions . We may not know they are Alien or not. But we do believe if the recorded cases was not created from imagination. There will be a strong chance a person has been able to connect to other dimension to perform a teleportation. Perhaps it is just a device but it is not magic as claimed or vice versa.

Will it be relating to Multidimension for the case of missing MH 370

Although the main reason is all suspects until black box found.  A potential scenario that still possible is went into time tunnel for different dimensions.   As no one will know what will happen if 3D object entering others D.   That cause all communications failure and moving towards wrong direction as everything become null except 3D object. 

We still hope it is wrong and if there is a slight chance of survivor.  Please let the miracle happen.


Saqqara – Pyramid of Djoser a path to next world

A vast ancient burial ground in Egypt.  Findings indicated the ancient Egyptian believed that God at one time live with them.  Suddenly they have gone and they believe there is a way to reunite with God is after life.  Perhaps there is a way that we can cut through the space dimension and reaching a place far from Earth to find more answer.  There may be a method but far forgotten by man kind.


Tracing Acupuncture invention…


When i was watching Ancient alien series 5.  One of this week episode prompted me further findings of its invention.  Tracing back to Shennong and Huangdi back to around 5000 years ago.

Some credited to Shennong and some to Huangdi.  Perhaps more discovery point to 黄帝内经.  A medical book created by Huangdi.  Amazingly during that time, how could Huangdi without CT or MRI scanners of today technology.  But Huangdi is able to draw out points of blood stream passing around our body so accurately.

I may not agreed that it is from extraterrestrials.  But can they be from other dimensions that coming to instill knowledge to help us with a purpose.  Or it is just a brilliant individual that dedicated to man kind. 

Just like Einstein and his knowledge in E=mc2.  How can a human without travelling to space but able to create this significant formula even today Higgs Boson further proved the theory correctness.

The Sun is going to swallow Earth in 5 Billions years!?

As estimated by our own human being. The sun will run out of steam and burning its core after 5 billions. This will result in expanding the size of the sun and swallow Earth and Mars. That means we are just a milestone as human? As whatever we do as to family, race, business, money etc will all become a history. 5 billions years do we need to care? Or we should rethink our every day life? God is great that created all these and I believe he has his arrangement for us.


The continuous of finding on multi dimensions – Unification of all theories

From Higgs Bosan discovery that able to understand the force hidden to us but sustain electrons surrounding atoms and contains nucleon and other sub particles. Human continue to find a unification theory that able to explain all these forces and the reason why some of these particles are not seen by us. As of potential it is hidden in different dimensions that contains current dimensions’ atom to be in ordered.


Is massive black hole in Milky Way a gateway?

Solar system travelled at 220KM/s. We are 28,000 light years away. When gravity pulling Earth traveling around the sun. Where space is not linear as explained by Einstein. That is why the force keep Earth rotating surrounding Sun. Black hole is 4 millions times mass bigger than sun. That’s explained why potentially Solar system surrounding the center of the Milky Way. Why things are suck into black hole even light are not able to escape? Is black hole a gateway to multi dimension? The dark energy?


白龍王 – A case of multi-dimensions?!


First of all, I wish White Dragon King RIP. If we believe in multi dimensions. It is not an ending for him.

The story start from he is actually a poor mechanic at one time. One night he dreamed of he is the white dragon. From then on, he has been popular and it is like dragon that help many people around Asia to success in their career especially the HK actress.

By why just after a dream? Is it because of he has the ability to communicate with the E.T? Or he has the knowledge to cross multi dimension and look for the knowledges? Why he is like able to see futures of some HK stars and make them believe in him and his teaching?