Science fiction movies Interstellar and Lucy are begining trend of multi-dimensions


Recent block buster movies Interstellar and Lucy are indication that human are getting closer to understand multi-dimensions. Lucy which shows human power if unlocked brain usage to 100% will allow her to be everywhere across different dimensions via time.

Whereas Interstellar further explained the universe and its relation to multi-dimensions. Creating huge objects in 4th and above dimensions making them possible to allow bursting human population live within.

I believe technology will be a breakthrough and it may lead us to a new era in possibly 10 to 20 years to come. Myself also trying to setup a new guidelines of research in 2015 on multi-dimensions. Hopefully I can play a part in this on of the biggest leap frog of human science in history.



Famous magician David Blaine a master of multi dimension?

Often when I watch David Blaine magical series on TV.  He has a tend to famous trick with cards that can send a card to your pocket or inside a fruit.  He has even done it in front of Steve Hawkins.

After repeated times for me to review the entire movement.  Either the whole show is coordinated with the audience and stars on the TV.  Or indeed he has master himself in multi dimensions.  Giving him so called magical power via different dimensions.


Will non living objects stop functioning when its owner pass away?

A personal experience on this scenario. My grand ma passed away peacefully and a TV and a DVD player co-incident stop functioning on the same day. The equipments have been serving her for past 15 years. There are a lot of co-incident cases happened. Timing, old friends that suddenly met and have dreams on her. I am recording down this incident for future reference when research is continuing.

Mean time, i have brought a magnetic field detector in the ER center during my visit to the public hospital. I have scanned a while in the room but nothing was detected except some medical equipment shown generating high magnetic field.

Sandy Island disappeared into Multi Dimension?

In the Pacific Ocean once has an island called Sandy Island. In 2012 when a group of research reached there found the island missing. The island which is 15 miles long and 3 miles wide. Researcher indeed going down as deep as 4600 meters but found no evidence even a sunken trace.

Since 18 centuries when first eye witness Captain Cook has cleared stated the existence of the island. Even modern satellite has once detected the existence of the island with temperature in this location. It has been on Earth for 230 years and now disappeared. Could it due to geology reasons? Extra terrestrial or perhaps Multi dimensions? Can the island disappeared or re-appeared again?

20140530-094634 pm-78394428.jpg

Teleportation – A method that can transfer object via different dimensions?

Ancient Alien 5 Episode 62 suggested a few examples. Zhang Guo Lao – one of the Chinese Taoism’s 8 immortals has witnessed by many of his magic. One of the key magical thing recorded is his transport – a white mule. It can be folded at night while rest and expanded in the morning with some waters. It can goes hundred of miles a day without stopping. He can also be invisible with his magic. A surprise finding from Wiki that he is actually a grand minister to Emperor Yao. The Emperor faced the big flood with 8 immortals some believed to be the 8 persons on Noah’s boat.

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Buddha in another case one day trying to cross Ganges river. He is able to stretch his hand and suddenly appeared to the other side of the river. The incident is widely witnessed by many of his followers.

20140514-010139 am.jpg

Perhaps all these are cases that linked to extra dimensions . We may not know they are Alien or not. But we do believe if the recorded cases was not created from imagination. There will be a strong chance a person has been able to connect to other dimension to perform a teleportation. Perhaps it is just a device but it is not magic as claimed or vice versa.

Will it be relating to Multidimension for the case of missing MH 370

Although the main reason is all suspects until black box found.  A potential scenario that still possible is went into time tunnel for different dimensions.   As no one will know what will happen if 3D object entering others D.   That cause all communications failure and moving towards wrong direction as everything become null except 3D object. 

We still hope it is wrong and if there is a slight chance of survivor.  Please let the miracle happen.