Flash flood kills > 500 in Philippines – a continuous evidence of global warming

If we can just give ourself a short 30 minutes and review back what happened in the pass two years relating to flash floods.  From most recent Thailand devastating flood, rare New Zealand flash flood, the current Philippines flood to 2010 Australia, Pakistan, South America.  Global warming has caused melting iceberg both at North and South poles.  The water level increasing and create more devastating storm and rain.  It is going to continue and indeed will be worsened.

This is something alarming and as citizens living in this capitalist world, many of us may not border.  But this will be a strong subjects that i believe we need to find out what is this unstoppable consequence.  For many of us, do something.  My first step is to cut down budget in some areas and changing all light bulb at home into LED to further conserve energy.  Eventhough it is a bit too late as to my own view, at least we need to try one step at a time.


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