Christianity and multi dimensions


Today is Christmas. A day to remember the born of Jesus, eventhough Jesus is not born on 25/12 as according to some scholars. But it is a day to remember God Yaweh sent his only son to us. Experienced death and take away sins from us.   Hereby i wish you all Merry Christmas and have a blessed season.

In bible, if you have gone through it and you will find many scenes that linked to multi dimensions. The single one most critical believe is that Jesus has passed away and resurrected on the 3rd day.  One day, he will be back and judge the world and becomes the king on Earth.

The living and the death will be judged. Christian believed that the death will temporary reside at a place before the king is back. Eventually leading those believed and practised Christianity to eternal life.  A strong evidence that the exitence of multi dimensions even Christian will call it other terminology.


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