Findings on 2012 and subject on 2013

1. Religious and Scientific view of Multi-dimensions

After some studies into this area, we can summarise our initial findings that both religion and science are in view that Multi-dimensions are exist. But the fact is until today, no one is able to unlock into extra dimenions.  LHC detected Higsg Bosan is a milestones of man kind theory to understand “Everything” better.

2. Ways to unlock multi dimensions

Not started and require more indepth understanding.

3. Understanding Universe

We are still at understanding moon stage as it is not easy to get more clear view daily.  Our objective is to have own experience in Universe and if there is a small milestone for us to link it with multiverse if any.

In 2013, we will continue with the same subjects but may focus more into the ways to unlock multi dimensions.  Our point will be more from aventure base rather than religious or scientic base.  Hope we will have a more fruitful year in 2013 for our research.


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