We have a clear view of Jupiter and its moons



The same position that i got the first view of moon replaced with another good surprise.  Initially, i thought it is a satellite that it is not blinking much. I setup my 70MM again amd saw a planet like object.  I switch on my Google sky and indeed found that is Jupiter!

A clear view but thr object is small that Jupiter has a character of 2 grey lines on it dividing the top and the bottom.  I saw also 4 bright stars lining up with Jupiter and eventually found that is its moon.

Picture taken is not clear.  But if you do not enlarge it, you may can still see the vague grey lines on jupiter.

Also, signalling i may require to upgrade my telescope if my research on Multi dimensions and multiverse is still long way to go.

Notes of this finding:

1. Jupiter has 2 clear grey lines on it.
2. The Universal is very dark indeed.
3. Sometimes rather then to believe we are living in a fake world.

PS: Glad that i am able to see it with my sleepless son.  


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