Understanding Einstein Theory of Relativity


Coursera offered a free course that I keen to do for self improvement. Especially that may be helpful for our research in multi dimensions. A brilliant education sponsored.


The Miracle Year – “annus murabilis”

In one year alone. Albert Einstein published 5 papers that changed the world. Does he is really the one that change the human history and understanding of physics? A basis that lead to parallel universe believes? Or perhaps he has interactions to other dimensions to obtain such knowledge as a breakthrough guidance from others.

March 1905 – Light Quantum
April 1905 – Size of molecules
May 1905 – existence of atoms
June 1905 – Electrodynamics of moving bodies
Sept 1905 – Time is a suspect and there you go E=MC2


Crop Circles mysterious


Crop circles shown up more than 100 a year worldwide. Some are hoax and some are mysterious. Till now no one can explain some of the precision of the circles appeared in large scales everywhere. Some are man made and some no findings on it. Or indeed it is a message from different dimensions or aliens?

Majority in UK like Wiltshire where half of the crop circles in the world are shown up every year. Which is also the place where Stonehenge located.

Findings continue even examine the crop plants and found that those unexplained crop circles are with symptom of burning at the bending area where it is from inside put. Believe to cause by unknown energy with no successful man made replication till far.


Researches of crop cycles even share lights are seen during at night before crop circles are made. One of the researcher name Steven Alexandra even recorded an object that moving in the farm in light ball form and eventually disappeared in the sky.

Some opposite thinking person said human is stubborn that even many evidence of hoax but still believing in mysterious of crop cycles. But I am at the mysterious believer as even there is no evidence that all crop cycles are man made. Religion is believe and science is assume and investigate for a result.

As of now, i still a firm believe of existence of multi dimension that human living in a world that consist of one God. Of course they are many things also across different dimensions but we just can’t see them. Earth, Universe, UFO, Particles & etc.

Russian Meteor – Travelled billions years to reach Earth


In February 2013, Russian meteor case that injured more than 1000 people has recently identified by scientists that it is from a Chondrites. Based on its minerals content analysis, it is confirmed it comes from an approximately 4.5 billion years old chondrite. It is amazing that outside from our daily life, there are billion of years stuff in the space waiting for us to explore. On Earth, we talk about planning in years. But it went undetected without warning to hit Earth. We do need to improve more to prevent a potential sudden hit problem again.

Spell a form of method to unlock extra dimensions?


From East to West, man kind from different religious, races and countries flooded with People that claimed using Spell to cure, hurt or create special effect which cannot be done by normal human. Will it be a way that inherited generation after generation to unlock extra dimensions? Borrowing non current dimension’s energy to this world. When I was young, I experienced so called Ghost on my body. But good spell helped me to expel the ghost. That it can help me to cure a pain that no Western doctor is able to help me that time.

Again, I have to re-I forced that God Yaweh and Jesus are above all. And I always believe that in this world there is always one God but only god for all religious.

Deja Vu – interactions of multi dimensions?


As many of one third of population has experienced Deja Vu according to studies. Till date, many theories on this study but still many answers awaiting. Closest scientist believed that it is nothing caused by our brain storing short term memory at the wrong place. Means at the long term memory storage. That caused we feel that it is like sometimes and somehow we experienced the current situation.

Einstein also suggested that multi dimensions are not interactive by theory. But what if there is something’s we missed out? Indeed Deja Vu is flash between dimension? If gravity is suggested a leak from other dimensions, it will remain as good question that we continue to ask the link in between. Eventually, potential ways to unlock into other dimensions.

Participated SETI@Home screensaver


Downloaded and joined Seti@Home screen saver. Amazing idea on distributing computing to assist man kind in looking for Life outside of Earth. Amount of data received by SETI to process and analyze daily are too much . To have computing power to do the job will be extremely expensive especially SETI is not receiving any funds from government. While your computer is idle, your CPU is doing nothing. This idea connects all idle computers in the world and help SETI process all these data. We are now running it and see if there is any risk. But I think is a good idea.

Astral Projection link with Multi-Dimension


I have a few experience from young till now. One of the clear memory is when I rent a room while I just started work in KL. In that particular scenario I am not how and why it happen. May be I was too tired after a marathon work schedule.

I remembered I feel like want to go to toilet. So I woke up, switch on the light and walking towards toilet. All of a sudden, I only aware that I am still lying down on the bed. I wake up again and again the same scene and action have been repeated for many times. I start to feel a bit scary and weird. But the scene is vivid and I was conscious at that time.

When I come to the subject of Astral Projection. Many referred to OBE means Out Of Body experience. I only recall that this is something I have experienced before. I am still studying if there is link of Soul to multi dimension . Possibly Astral Projection that some refer to how you practice to push oneself out but leaving the physical body may be a way that to unlock traveling to multi densions.

Site explore research plan

Besides of our three main subjects to be continued, we are planning a more practical site visit plan in the coming years. Starting this year, we will plan a research trip to a place that may can assist us in the research of multi dimensions. One foreign trip and one local trip as site visit research if can give us idea relating to our key areas.