Bermuda Triangle – A door to multi verse or just bad weather?


In many hundreds years, life lost more than thousands and still counting. Almost every month until today there is a plane or a ship will disappear without any reason.  The mystery part is most are not fast enough to even issue a distress signal.  A French 747 is one of the major disaster happened near this area in recent years.

Some survival or may be not even enter into the real problems area stated strange lights and storms come from no where. Scientists until today still doing dozen experiments to find out the root caused.  All are possible except until today no one can give a solid evidence why is like this.

It is also linked to many theory that it belongs to a gateway to other dimension.  It is a Alien distance travel gate or it is a time travel gate.  Perhaps, it is one of the key area we may can further explore in the future. 


Equipment update – Binoculars


Cost effective Visioncine 8 x 30.  It has a green base that claimed effective for night vision with special and costly equipment.  We are getting sponsorship from firms to contribute in building more equipment for case studies in the coming future.

Milestones Update for Multi-Dimensions

1. We are at stage of Knowing more religions and their believe in multi dimensions.

2. We are adding equipment to ready for exploring the unlocking methods and testing.


Tenmars EMF / ELF meter will be 1st equipment needed to test magnetic field changes for an object or a place.

3. We are still waiting for a good weather to start exploring the space.

Buddhism and rebirth in 6 dimensions


Buddhism that has been a major religion in the world originated from India and eventually influenced whole Asia believed in Samsara, Karma and Rebirth.  Samsara is “the cycle of birth and death”.  “Karma” is the forces that drives Samsara the cycle of suffering and rebirth for each being.  “Rebirth”  taken place of one of the six realms and further divided into 31 planes of existence.

Six (6) realms referred to 1 Devas (Where for  Gods and Angels) 2 Asuras (Lowly deities, demons, anti gods, titans) 3 Human 4 Animals (space with human but other type of life) 5 Preta (sharing with human space but invisible to most people)  and finally 6 Naraka beings (Hells)

Buddhism believed that the major 6 dimensions separated everything on earth. Commonly shared the view of God, human and ghost or spiritual being that occupied different space where invisible to human.

Taoizm and Multi-dimensions


One of the earliest religion or teaching originated from China.  It can trace back to Ancient time when people believe that nature is everything.  It started to form community and as a religion by the time of “Laozi”.  Taoizm believed in Three (3) Gods that created everything from Universe to anything on earth. Everything from zero to all and all to non is actually “Tao”.  It has a believe across time that there is certain methodology via meditation or doing something will lead you to become angels.  Or even one of the God.

I do not explain much on Taoizm as there are plenty information around.  But from the angle of Taoizm, there is a place that can transfer life after dead to be an angel or God in another world.  This is a believe from Ancient Chinese even until today. 

Soul is weighted 21 grams


There is a physician experimented Soul has weight. He come from a scientific point of view that God created the world and given weight to soul. In 1907, Dr Duncan MacDougall done a research on dying people found that a human moment die will reduce its weight by 21 grams. There are many argument that whether it is the last brief. Also does animal will have the same situation when there die. Result is encouraging that only human has a weight loss when the moment they die. It also relate to Christian believe that when a person die. St Michael will response to come and guide your Soul to other place. Some Soul is heavier and some are lighter. The more sins you have in your life will cause a less heavy Soul. Partly, pointing to a multi dimension array when Soul will migrate after the death.

Yonaguni Pyramid discovered in 1987


Located nearby under water of Yonaguni island Japan. It is a massive monument or pyramid discovered in 1987 estimated left over 14,000 years ago.  Based on findings that left over tools and paintings are more or less confirmed are man made.   However, how do human has such technology 14,000 years ago when we still very much at Ice age.

It is also located at the edge of Dragon triangle similar to Bermuda triangle. A place that often described as disaster zone for planes and ships where often goes missing. It is also at the same alignment to Bermuda triangle.

We will keep all these places as our target to be visited in the coming years.

Dream Intervention Result from last 14 days

I am only able to record dream content from vague to clear for about 10 days. 2 Days successful intervened with re-entering to the dream and change a bit of the result. But among all only one day can be remembered clearly. Most are vague and forgotten.

We will continue to record dream event in case there is a very special dream. So far, as we concluded before and this added result that intervention is possible but not sure what is the implication to extra dimensions.

However, 25% of the content of the dream is not link to daily life. Thus, still yet to confirm it is link to multi dimensions.

1st target of understanding the Universe – Moon

As we always believed that the Universe is created by God.  To understand extra dimenions, we believe having basic knowledge about Universe is important.  Beside, having an opporunity to see the great work from God.  We have started to do mild information serach about how to locate and see the moon.  At this first stage, we read through some information about moon that understand scientists suggested that moon is the result of a collision between a planet and earth.

Indeed, initially may be several moon that travel with the same orbit formed by gravity of Earth.  Due to a few different moons travelling in different speed.  It has formed the size of the moon we see today sometimes even with our naked eye.  Many holes like images are suggested due to the hit of asteroids of many millions years.  (May be even billion)  Scientists also suggested they are ice on Moon that brought to the surface by asteroids as well.

Some others suggested that Moon already has extraterrestrial living very long ago.  Some untold information about Moon from Naza and perhaps most of the developed countries.

It is not our main subject of the research as we are looking into “Extra Dimensions” and its relation to religions.